Bio Mass System

In the last 10 years, the focus has been on filtration technology giving rise to the development of costly and sophisticated mechanical components such as membrane filters, larger bioreactors and screen presses, however, results are showing that compliant overboard discharge levels remain elusive, irrelevant of the manufacturer or type of Marine Sanitation Device (MSD), as all systems have sludge tanks, meaning that at some time the accumulated sludge needs to be emptied from the tank it is in.

Research has demonstrated that the only way to cost-efficiently eliminate these organic solids is by aerobic bio-digestion. Given the current financial situation and the limited amount of space available on board, fitting large sophisticated AWP’s,  increasing the size of the tanks or introducing more bioreactors is often not a viable option. So in conjunction with our clients and as a result of years of research and positive results, Hepburn Bio Care has developed an alternative cost-effective solution that will treat and biodegrade all solids, the Hepburn BioMass System.

Our modular, clip-on Hepburn BioMass Waste Water System is simple to implement, easy to run, requires minimum human attention, minimum space, minimum engineering and it is guaranteed to eliminate the 40% of sludge that you currently need to discharge. With flexible sizing and flexible dosing, it can easily be adapted for any loading from any waste stream.

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