Hepburn Bio Clean

Hepburn Bio Clean is a concentrated cleaner based on fruit acids and biodegradable agents. It has a low environmental impact, is non-caustic, non-corrosive and is low foaming. For all kinds of surfaces including Teak/Timber, Stone, Plastic, Resin, Glass, Metal and other surfaces. Especially good ...

Hepburn Bio Sanitiser

Bio Sanitiser is a concentrated multipurpose multisurface disinfectant. It can be used on various surfaces including doors, stainless steel, hard flooring, marble, granite, the tannin in sinks and many other surfaces. It is based on stabilised glutaraldehyde, alcohol ethoxylate, sodium acetate and didecyldimethylammonium ...

Hepburn Bio Zoom Zap

Hepburn Bio Zoom Zap is based on lactic acid, a natural component that disinfects. Used for daily and heavy-duty cleaning tasks, it combines antimicrobial action with an outstanding removal of limescale and dirt. Ideal for public areas such as washrooms, sports halls, sports facilities and swimming ...

Hepburn Bio Bright

Hepburn Bio Bright is a super concentrated product, multipurpose cleaner, fragranced with essential oils and based on biodegradable agents for shiny surfaces - including Glass, Stainless Steel, Mirrors, Marble, Plastic, Granite, Tannin in Sinks, Chrome, Kitchen, Pantries and any other shiny surface. ...

Hepburn Bio Hand Sanitiser

A liquid gel hand sanitiser that decreases infectious agents, reducing the spreading of harmful bacteria and viruses. Quick-drying, effectively sanitising without sticky residue and keeping hands moist. Kills 99.99% of germs but also aids against COVID-19, MRSA, SARS, Clostridium Difficile Bacteria, ...

Hepburn Bio Air Deodoriser

An effective Air Deodoriser that neutralises bad odours and breaks down organic soils. It also prevents odours contaminating soft and hard furnishings; giving a long-lasting freshness to the air sprayed without using phthalates or flammable components. Benefits Super concentrated Biodegra ...

Hepburn Bio Leather Cleaner

Hepburn Leather Cleaner is a gentle leather cleaner for old and new leathers. This economical and safe maintenance cleaner for leather interiors, can be used regularly on all types of leather, in cars, on furniture or any upholstery. It is specially formulated for modern “soft” leathers as ...

Hepburn Bio Leather Conditioner

Hepburn Bio Leather Conditioner provides a protective coating against dirt and stains for all leather types and interiors, furniture and upholstery. It also restores the leather’s original finish whilst softening leather and restoring that rich leather smell. Benefits Phosphate free ...

Hepburn Bio Silver Cleaner

Hepburn Bio Silver Cleaner is a liquid product, specially formulated to clean tarnished silver, cutlery, pots and utensils. It can also be used to prevent further tarnishing/blackening and is suitable for English Silver and Copper. Made from an organic acid, surfactants, urea compound and tarnish inhibitor. ...

Hepburn Bio Brass Cleaner

To be used on brass, alloys, copper and stainless steel. Hepburn Bio Brass Cleaner does not smell as aggressive as other polishes from older generations. It is easy to handle as its consistency is more like cream, plus the polish does not separate after a long period of time. Bio Brass Cleaner provides ...
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