Hepburn Bio WCSC

A fresh smelling, all-in-one, quadruple action biological toilet and urinal cleaner which also keeps black water pipes free of scale and organic waste. Bio WCSC cleans toilets, prevents scale formation in black water lines and pre-digests waste, eliminating smells and reduces loading on treatment plants. Bio WCSC will ...

Hepburn Bio Scale Zapper

Hepburn Bio Scale Zapper is a descaling product based on organic acids with sanitising properties. It quickly and efficiently dissolves scale without breaking the scale off in chunks, removes organic blockages, eliminates smells and kills 99.9% of germs. Can be applied manually as a toilet ...

Hepburn Bio ETSC

Hepburn Bio ETSC is a naturally stabilized, concentrated solution of non-pathogenic, naturally occurring micro-organisms specially selected for their ability to biodegradable hydrocarbons, fat, oil and grease. Used in grease traps and any sewage plant to biodegrade effluent solids, reduce blockages ...

Hepburn Bio Nutrient

To be used in the 1st stage of MBRs and Sewage Treatment Plants during the early hours of the morning (when the effluent flow is minimal). Bio Nutrient provides a food source for bioactivity of beneficial bacteria to be maintained until black/grey water re-enters the system, supporting healthy activity ...

Hepburn Bio Foam Fighter

Unlike other foam control products, Hepburn Foam Fighter will not smother beneficial bacteria or prevent oxygen from entering the system as oil-based anti-foams do. It is fully biodegradable and will not interfere with any biological activity in the areas being treated. Hepburn Foam Fighter is particularly ...

Hepburn Bio Buster

Dosed into any system and used to kick start systems that have suffered toxic shock or have gone anaerobic. A fast-acting treatment that rapidly breaks down organic waste and removes dried on crusts. Based on an enzyme and bacteriological compound that accelerates the breakdown of fats, protein and cellulose ...
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