Hepburn Bio Body Care
Using non-toxic organic products in refillable bottles will help protect you and your children’s future.

100% Biodegradable.

Sustainably sourced and
certified organic ingredients

Refillable 350ml aluminium 
bottles to end single-use Plastics


Not tested on

5L containers to
refill at home

We always look for the best quality locally sourced ingredients. The result is an outstanding range of bodyproducts that care for your beauty and our wonderful world by respecting nature and our children’s right to a healthy planet.

Please join us in saying no to single use plastic bottles and commercial products from undisclosed origins. Buying 5 Litre containers and refilling our elegant bottles will save you money and help save our planet.

All our ingredients are natural and produced in the South of France.

All our products are 100% Biodegradable and 100% Non-toxic

Body Care Products

Body Wash – 5L/350ml

Naturally cleansing and moisturising witha fresh scent of all the natural ingredients.

Hand Wash – 5L/350ml

Naturally cleansing and moisturising with a fresh scent of organic citrus fruits.

Body Cream – 5L/350ml

Designed to nourish our outer skin without any risk to your health.

Shampoo – 5L/350ml

Naturally cleansing and softening, toxic free shampoo, protecting your hair.

Massage Oil – 150ml

For tired and aching limbs, delicious organic oils to nourish and de-stress the outer and inner you.

Body Scrub – 250ml

Sea salt-based, ex-foliating and detoxifying organic body scrub. Perfect after a long day.

Made in France - Fabriqué en France Part of the Hepburn Bio Care Group® 

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