Deck and Floor
Deck & Floor

Hepburn Bio Clean

Hepburn Bio Clean is a concentrated cleaner based on fruit acids and biodegradable agents. It has a low environmental impact, is non-caustic, non-corrosive and is low foaming. For all kinds of surfaces including Teak/Timber, Stone, Plastic, Resin, Glass, Metal and other surfaces. Especially ...

Hepburn Bio Degreaser

Hepburn Bio Degreaser is an excellent non-caustic, non-corrosive cleaner. Hepburn Bio Degreaser is an ideal cleaner for heavily soiled and greasy interior and exterior areas. It also cleans all areas including greasy floors, spotting and all other greasy areas in kitchens, walls, work ...

Hepburn Bio Eco Compi Clean

Hepburn Bio Eco Compi Clean is an excellent product for daily cleaning of a variety of synthetic surfaces including Composite decks, Tank Tops, Funnels and other soiled areas. Hepburn Bio Eco Compi Clean is a concentrated degreaser and cleaner based on biodegradable oils and a penetrating and non-emulsifying ...

Hepburn Bio Bright

Hepburn Bio Bright is a super concentrated product, multipurpose cleaner, fragranced with essential oils and based on biodegradable agents for shiny surfaces - including Glass, Stainless Steel, Mirrors, Marble, Plastic, Granite, Tannin in Sinks, Chrome, Kitchen, Pantries and any other shiny surface. ...

Hepburn Bio Metal Clean

A special blend of solvents detergents and inhibiting acids designed to clean and remove oxides from metal surfaces without excessive etching. Used to remove corroded metal from aluminium, steel, iron, cadmium plate, copper, lead and bronze. It is the first rust remover on the market that contains less ...
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