Hepburn Bio Detergent

Hepburn Bio Detergent is a neutral liquid detergent for standard automatic and conveyor dishwashing machines. Bio Detergent is effective on grease, starches, sauces and stains. It is low foaming, easy to rinse off and keeps China, Glassware, Aluminium, Enamel as good as new, even after many washes. This ...

Hepburn Bio Rinse

Bio Rinse has been specially formulated to be used in combination with Hepburn dishwashing detergents. Its special performance reduces surface tension in the rinse solution and increases wetting capacity in order to cover the whole surface of the glass, china or cutlery piece. This allows the items to ...

Hepburn Bio Manual Dishwash

This product can be used without risk to wash all types of pots, pans, dishes, utensils, cutlery, glasses and crystal. A water-based dishwashing product which does not contain phosphates, chlorine, nonylphenol ethoxylates or other estrogenic compounds. Hepburn Bio Manual Dishwash is free from hydrocarbon ...

Hepburn Bio Eco Tabs

All-in-one tablets for dishwashing machines, with efficient alkaline and anti-scaling properties, individually packaged in a biodegradable water-soluble film. Has 3 functions: washing, rinsing and salt to remove grease, stubborn stains, baked-on food and fats. One of the only Ecolabel certified dishwasher ...
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