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Hepburn Bio Marine Care focuses on the large scale marine industry, which includes Cruise Ships, Ferries, Cargo Ships, Oil Rigs and Offshore Operations. Most of our marine care products we supply worldwide are non-toxic, non-flammable, all-purpose, pipe cleaning, pipe maintenance and treat wastewater. We deliver our products in super-concentrated formulas for multi-tasking properties and reduce freight costs. Hepburn products have been approved by Scan ship and Aco & Hamworthy/Wärtsilä for the holistic solution to operational and wastewater issues.

The Hepburn Process creates biological activity in the pipes and drains from the moment that our products are introduced into the wastewater streams. This process significantly lowers the biological oxygen demands (BOD), the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and the total suspended solids (TSS) of each wastewater stream as it moves towards the treatment system. As a result, the loading on standard treatment systems and Advanced Wastewater Purification Systems (AWPS) is evened out and substantially reduced, whilst the risk of toxic shock is minimised.

With all pipes cleared and smelling fresh, it's time to clean the exterior, with our broad range of housekeeping, galley and deck cleaning products, all with the Hepburn guarantee of non-toxic and eco-friendly it couldn't be easier. Our products clean composite decks, teak decks, windows, superstructure, metal, engine spaces, tiles and so much more. All our cleaning products are low foaming, this simplifies cleaning procedures, reassuring passengers that the vessel is not polluting our environment while reducing water consumption for rinsing.

From flushing toilets and general housekeeping to washing laundry and cleaning dishes, Hepburn Bio Marine Care is the household name in keeping our planet clean and safe for the crew, guests and future generations.

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