Hepburn Bio Wash E

Bio Wash E is a laundry detergent for delicate fibres and colours. It can be used for general washing as well as pre-washing and pre-spotting. Bio Wash E can also be used for washing bedspreads, blankets and curtains in automatic machines along with washing guest clothing in hotels. The Bio Wash system ...

Hepburn Bio Wash O2

Bio Wash O2 is a neutral, concentrated, liquid-based detergent based on mild, non-ionic and anionic surfactants and natural perfumes. The detergent is completely free of mineral salts and phosphates, making it compatible with any type of fabric including wool and silk. Its characteristics do not alter ...

Hepburn Bio Wash LA

Bio Wash LA is a low alkaline liquid detergent for laundry. It improves the washing performance of high-quality fabrics such as white or coloured linen, coloured towels etc. It is also effective whenever there is a high turn-over of linen-like in hospitals, hotels, cruise lines with daily changes and ...

Hepburn Bio Power Wash

Hepburn Bio Power Wash can be used as a pre-spotter as well as used in the main wash or in a rewash. Bio Power Wash is a highly concentrated (>80%) composition of non-ionic surfactants that have been specially designed to remove oily and greasy stains from fabrics. The product is biodegradable and ...

Hepburn Bio Ferro Clean

Hepburn Bio Ferro Clean rapidly eliminates rust stains appearing on sheets, towels and quilt covers due to contact with erroding metal parts or by washing with water that has high levels of iron content. Ferro Clean is not aggressive with cotton fabrics when used properly. Bio Ferro Clean recovers ...

Hepburn Bio Softener

Hepburn Bio Softener is for exclusive use in the softener cycle of conventional washing machines. It keeps laundry soft and static free. As Bio Softener is cationic, it is absorbed by negatively charged fibres, providing smoothness and softness. This smoothness reduces the static electricity of the fibre ...

Hepburn Bio Starch

Hepburn Bio Starch is a laundry and textile stabiliser with effective emulsion in water. It gives a suitable finish to table linen and napkins, making them feel as stiff as required. Bio Starch is easily dispersible with a homogeneous effect, works at low temperatures, has a long-life stable emulsion, ...
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