Engine Room
Engine Room

Hepburn Bio Degreaser

Hepburn Bio Degreaser is an excellent non-caustic, non-corrosive cleaner. Hepburn Bio Degreaser is an ideal cleaner for heavily soiled and greasy interior and exterior areas. It also cleans all areas including greasy floors, spotting and all other greasy areas in kitchens, walls, work ...

Hepburn Bio Metal Clean

A special blend of solvents detergents and inhibiting acids designed to clean and remove oxides from metal surfaces without excessive etching. Used to remove corroded metal from aluminium, steel, iron, cadmium plate, copper, lead and bronze. It is the first rust remover on the market that contains less ...

Hepburn Bio Fuel Muncher

Hepburn Fuel Muncher is a biological product that is safe and easy to use. It will clean tank tops, bilges and other forms of wastewater which are contaminated with diesel or fuel oil. It will bio-degrade contaminated fuel or wastewater in places which are hard to reach, quickly and cost-effectively, ...

Hepburn Bio Hand Scrub

Neutral cream scrub for washing off grease & grime from your hands. Specially developed for mechanical workshops, factories, service stations, construction areas and other places where persistent dirt, oil and grease are present. Neutral cream formulated on the basis of surfactants, white oil, lanoline ...
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