Hepburn Bio Care Products gain OECD Certification

Hepburn Bio Care Products gain OECD Certification

31 July 2018

The test result determined that all the products are 100% biodegradable according to CRIT Standard Operating Procedure MO 18, which is based in the OECD 302B (1992) “Inherent Biodegradability: Zanh-Wellens/EMPA Test” guideline. It was determined by one of the most commonly used acute toxicity tests that according to the MO 03 operating method based on the 202 OECD guidance (2004) (Daphnia sp., Acute immobilization Test) the Hepburn Bio Care products showed no acute toxicity. These outstanding results once again proved that Hepburn products are the best option for vessels that want both impressive results and solutions that do not harm the environment. Hepburn Bio Care is committed to providing the marine industry with sustainable environmental solutions with proven results while reducing risk and costs. 

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