What Makes Us Special

Everyone at Hepburn Bio Care is here because they are passionate about the environment and doing everything they can to reduce discharge of untreated waste water and hazardous aggressive chemicals into our oceans, our food chains and our day to day environment.

To do this we provide sustainable solutions to all types of waste water streams at their source and effective non-hazardous alternative cleaning products.

Our dedicated team of young professional and qualified Account Managers are bonded by a commitment to make it better and are always here to support, advise, train and resolve any problems you may have – from reducing your chemical inventory and volumes, human health risks associated with hazardous chemicals to providing eco-friendly solutions that work in harmony with your environment.

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped in the ocean each year – or 15 large garbage bags for every metre of coastline. That number is set to double by 2025

All of us at Hepburn Bio Care are bonded by a total commitment to creating a safer work and leisure place – addressing the growing world concern for the number of non-biodegradable chemicals in use and the tons of organic waste being poured untreated into our environment.




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