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Hepburn Bio Care is the leading supplier of sustainable environmental solutions for the marine and hospitality industries. We help our clients reduce risk and costs, increase efficiency, comply with health and safety and environmental legislation as well as improving customer service levels.

We’ve provided proven sustainable solutions with big savings to our cruise, commercial marine and superyacht customers since 1999 and have a long line of customers who can testify to the results we have achieved for them, including Princess Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Thomson, Mercy Ships, BP and Costa Cruises.

Our Products

Hepburn Bio Care cleaning, sanitising and organic waste treatment products were developed to help create a safer work and leisure place, and in so doing to address growing world concern with the number of non-biodegradable chemicals in use and the tons of organic waste being poured untreated into our environment.

The Hepburn Process is based on using only biodegradable and biological cleaning and waste treatment products. Our cleaning products are non-aggressive and lift the dirt from soiled areas without damaging surfaces. Our bio products use the surface area in the effluent discharge pipes and drains to create a bioreactor throughout the vessel or building. This effectively breaks down all organic waste streams in situ, prior to discharge into treatment tanks, council drains, our oceans, rivers and environment. They also predigest all types of organic waste at its source, including galley waste, drainage/pulper water, black or grey water waste, and contaminated bilge water. The results are proven by substantial reductions of BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) by as much as 70%, TSS (total suspended solids) by 80-90%, and COD (chemical oxygen demand).

Our Service

Our experienced engineers and health and safety officers are trained to help you meet budgets, train your crew and eliminate the risk of fines for regulations that are changing daily. We will also eliminate odours, blockages and reduce inventory, whilst protecting your investment, our environment, your staff and guests.

We can provide simple solutions or total service contracts where we manage your chemical and plastics inventory, often reducing this by 80% which in turn reduces your freight and handling costs pro-rata. We solve the problems of too many chemicals, high overboard discharge levels, non-compliance with regulation, management of black and grey water lines, smells, and dysfunctional toilets.

If you have a problem reducing costs, meeting new legislation regarding health and safety or discharge, a fear of how to cope with NORO outbreaks, sanitising efficiently, odours, discharge levels of phosphates, TSS, heavy metals or ammonia or too many chemicals, then please contact us. We look forward to working with you to create a safer world.

Our quality commitment

Our ISO9001 LRQA quality certification ensures that from your initial point of contact to the delivered product you will experience the highest level of service, all of course whilst remaining competitive!

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Standard Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods

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Hepburn Bio Care products are in high demand around the globe. We consistently demonstrate that working in harmony with nature offers sustainable corporate efficiencies and savings.

If you are interested in becoming a valued distributor of Hepburn Bio Care products, please email info@hepburnbiocare.com.

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